Peach Jam

Peaches are so perishable. Tuesday I made jam and a lot of them already had large bad spots. I think it had to do with the bag they give you for picking and the heat generated sitting in the bag on the ride home. Husband had been very careful about handling them. I think we will rethink peach picking that far from home again and stick with our local tiny peaches. A lot more work, but less waste.

P1020177 Starting in the pot. With my favorite wooden spatula.


Finished product.

The jam came out a little soft and not as jelled as I like. I think that had to do with it being a rainy day. It’s hard to cook out all the moisture when it’s so humid out. I haven’t decided if I am going to recook it. I leave you today with a new picture of the still only child chick.



  1. Peach Preserves (not set as hard as jam) will still taste good. Use it in smoothies :-) Looks yummy. What a cute "only chick" :-)


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