Chunky Apple Sauce

Thursday night I made applesauce. We love applesauce. It goes great with pork, ham, and lamb. It starts with 8 lbs of apples on my ancient rusty kitchen scale.
My favorite combo for applesauce is the McIntosh and the Macoun. It’s a little early for Macouns, so we picked Gravensteins this time. I like to have a mushier apple and a chunkier, more solid apple for texture. Both also need to have a good flavorful taste when cooked.
p1020193 (2) The most work of this recipe is the peeling and the chopping. It has to be done quickly to avoid as much browning as possible. I put the cut pieces in bowls with the lemon rinds from the juice for the sauce to keep them as fresh as possible. Then cook and jar.
P1020195 Notice favorite wooden spatula at work again :)
p1020200 (2)


  1. Looks wonderful! Can't wait for apple season around here, we love homemade applesauce and apple butter, as well as lots of baking with apples. Love your scale!!

  2. We didn't get any apples this year, our neighbor usually brings them from a friend's tree. Your sauce looks so good!

  3. Just found your blog - the applesauce looks great! I made some myself last week. :)

  4. Yummy! Your applesauce looks delicious. I really love your chickens, each one so different.

  5. Thanks for visiting! The good apples are just starting now, there will be a lot more sauce this year. We ran out last year.


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