Roaming the Backyard Jungle

Our backyard is not the perfect manicured dream of most. It is a jungle of mostly wild flowers and moss. The chickens love it and it’s low maintenance. They had a great time this afternoon. The goddesses were the most photogenic. Doris, Betty, and the baby were not co-operating. I really love how everyone is feathering out. Athena has the prettiest lacing coming in. Aphrodite is getting one blue silver feather in her tail. The rest is all white. They are all 23 weeks now. No eggs. We are getting one from Doris every other day or so. Good thing there are only two of us.






Nike’s muff is always seems to be messy. You should’ve seen her feet feathers from the mud.


  1. I have been having a problem with Blogger commenting on pages. It finally seems fixed. I was so sorry to hear about Gaia. She was lucky to be with you while she was here.

    I also can't believe you went all the way out picking in Philipston. I am in Central MA and that is a drive for me BUT you inspired me and we went picking too.

  2. I was also having a problem and found that it had to do with the cookie with staying signed in. I erased it and now sign in evertime I go into blogger. Haven't had an issue since.

    Chickens are so fragile and we have learned death is part of having them in our lives. We do the best we can. She was a sweet girl. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

    The Red Apple Farm is our favorite. We have tried closer, bigger & smaller. We are going to Vermont soon and will be stopping on the way back. Hopefully there will be Macouns this time.


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