Finally! An egg

Nike laid an egg! Nike laid an egg! The wait has been dreadful. I thought I could handle it, but with the two big girls not laying and me having to go buy eggs last week, it was starting to feel like it would never happen and my chickens were just enjoying being layabouts. I am 95% sure it was Nike. It’s definitely a pullet egg and the other two are Easter Eggers. The EEs should and lay green or bluish eggs. But, brownish has been known to happen. The EEs are a week older than Nike who is about 27 weeks. Yes that 6.5 months!

P1020416 Last week. Her comb is much redder now.

Also, she came running over from the back yard when I came out so proud of herself as if to tell me “Go look what I did!” 

P1020564Please pardon all the lumber, I am shingling the chicken coop. I’ll let you see when it’s done.


Maybe the other girls will get the hint now.


  1. That is such great news! I so hope it was her!

  2. Congrats....very exciting....(she's beautiful)!
    I am missing the eggs during our molt and hope it ends soon!


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