The Importance of Vitamins

So….remember the hand issue? If not, it’s here. I went to a specialist. It turns out I have a severe vitamin D deficiency. Saying it is extreme would not be exaggerating. Your number is supposed to be somewhere between 45 and 60. Mine was well ….14. This does not surprise me. Dairy gives me issues, the chickens haven’t been laying, and I have very fair skin so I avoid the sun. “Pasty and Proud” I say. But I never knew it would effect my body so much. So now  I have a new once a week super supplement to take and in a few weeks we will do more tests and see if I have improved. The moral of the story is to listen to your mother and take your vitamins. Oh and eat your vegetables. ( I eat lots of vegetables, I just thought mom would throw that in)

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  1. There's only one problem with eating your vegetables to get vitamin D....I can't think of one that is high in vitamin D. Best source of vitamin D other than a supplement. Cod liver oil, liver, lard, eggs, shitake mushrooms dried in the sun gill-side up (I guess that's a vegetable), and of course the sun (without sunscreen). .....all this learned after I found myself as deficient as you are!! After getting my levels up, I'm still taking 3000 IU's a day. :-) Get those chickens
    laying! :-)

  2. Thanx for the advice dr. momi. I have decided to take a walk at lunch everyday that I can to get a little sun. I broke down and got eggs from other local chickens. These and the new supplement will hopefully help.


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