Fun Night Out


Last night across the country, the classic movie channel TCM presented West Side Story in movie theaters to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary. I went with my sister who lives in Boston. We splurged for the almost 3 hour event by reserving tickets to the big cushy seats in the back of the theater.

It was really an experience. They had an interview that they played before the actual movie with the director, the man who played Bernardo, and the woman that sang for Natalie Wood. Then the movie itself on the big screen was beautiful. You watch these classic movies over and over on tv, but there is nothing like seeing them as they were meant on the big screen. It was complimented with cocktail and food service to our cushy seats. It was an extremely enjoyable night.

I didn’t even mind getting up at 5am this morning to make it to work on time :)


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