Wandering Wednesday – The Acropolis, Athens

In honor of my little Athena, we are visiting the city of her namesake this week. The story goes that Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and Poseidon, the god of the sea, fought over who would be the patron of the city. Zeus, king of the gods,  decided that each would give a gift to the people of the city and they would decide who they wanted as their patron based on the merit of the gift.

Poseidon struck a rock and produced a spring promising the people would never go thirsty. Unfortunately  the spring was seawater and undrinkable. Athena planted a seed in the ground which sprang into an olive tree promising the people oil, food, and firewood. It was an obvious decision. 

The smog was a bit thick the day we visited. To get to the Acropolis one has to climb a large winding path all the way up the hill. The only picture I have of the Parthenon close up has Husband in it. So you get from afar as we climbed the hill.

P1000153 The Parthenon



The Erecthion

P1000176 (2)

P1000172 The Thission


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