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This weekend we did a lot of work on the chicken house. It’s always been functional, but it needed some prettifying. When it’s done and pretty, I will share. While working the girls are always curious what we are doing. They hang out nearby keeping an eye on us as they nonchalantly dig in the leaves I just raked into the perennial beds.

Baby Persy is getting so big at 12 weeks. She’s almost as big as Nike but she still looks small compared to the behemoth girls Betty and Doris. Those girls make almost any chicken look small. I do have a feeling though, that Persy may end up being close to their size when full grown at the rate she’s going. It could have something to do with the double treat feeding from her two “mom”s



Aphrodite wanted to help rake. She’s been laying an egg everyday. A brown egg, but still and egg which is better than any of the others.





Nike saw I was taking her picture and took off. I guess she wasn’t feeling photogenic. Today she was covered in mud after playing outside in the rain. So at least I got her clean.

I am hoping she will start laying soon. She has been checking out the box.


p1020657 (2)

p1020658 (2) 


I’ve linked up to Ms. Amy’s barn hop


  1. Oh such pretty hens... you should come share them at the HenHouse Hop too! (Debra Jean's Dandelion House):
    Add some pics of your coop too!

  2. Thanks for visiting llloura and the suggestion. Perhaps I will.


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