Wandering Wednesday – Funchal, Madeira

Hello Everyone! Today we explore the little city of Funchal on the island of Madeira which is part of Portugal. Madeira is a lovely hilly island covered in greenery, bouganvilla, and blooming tulip trees even in the first week in December.

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  I loved all the black and white designs in the sidewalks and streets. We saw some men working on the boardwalk laying these designs. Each piece is cut and laid by hand. Each lane and plaza had different shapes and patterns.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed Funchal. They had some bad flooding a little while ago. The whole river filled the gully above and overflowed into the streets coming down the mountains. But, don’t let the rain stop you from visiting. It is a beautiful place and don’t forget to pick up some Madeira wine.


  1. How lovely! Enjoyed your post very much! Thanks for sharing.


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