A Mystery Solved?

Well it had to be one of these two that has now layed three eggs.

P1020449 Nike the Faverolles in the back is supposed to lay a pinky brown egg. Aphrodite in the front is an Easter Egger. She is supposed to lay a green or bluish egg.

So if you got this egg who would you think layed it? Seems obvious right?


Well Wednesday morning I heard a very loud and proud egg song. Running outside to see what the ruckus was about I find this one in the run egg singing her head off louder than I have ever heard her make any sort of noise ever while the rest were out and about. I eagerly look in the egg box. There’s nothing there. That’s right nothing. She was announcing her intention to lay an egg. After a chat with her, she calms down, and goes back in the nest box. A little later before work I looked in and she was still in the nest box. I checked and the twin to the egg above was in the box. She left as soon as I took it. It was like she was keeping it warm for me.

P1020419 (2)

Yep. That’s right. My only remaining Easter Egger lays brown eggs. Ain’t that a kick in the pants. >sigh< But, I am lucky she has layed anything is the way I look at it. I just really wanted pretty blue/green eggs. I would have been happy with any shade. Maybe next year when Betty goes broody, I’ll get her some Auracana eggs to hatch.


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