Betty and Her Baby

Hens have an urge to have children in the spring. This is called “going broody”. Betty and Doris are both heritage breeds. This gives them more of this urge than say if they were hatchery production breeds that have had this bred out of them. Betty became broody first at the beginning of May. We don’t have a rooster, so we got her three Blue Splash Marans eggs to sit on off the internet. On the day before Memorial Day one hatched and that was it. Just one.


P1000423 (2)


We are hoping it is a she and we have dubbed her Baby for now. Baby is an only child and she is very demanding and spoiled. This coming Sunday she will be three weeks old.


p1000500 (2)  

p1000501 (2)

      She follows mom everywhere and Betty teaches her all she has to know such as catching bugs and watching for hawks.

        We gave Doris eggs the week after baby was born. She is a little flakey and hasn’t been quite as devoted to sitting as Betty was. We will see what develops, they are due next Thursday or so.


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