Field Trip

Today I went to the dentist. It doesn’t sound pleasant I know, but it turned out to be a beautiful day. The dentist is in Woods Hole which means a trip on the ferry. 
P1000439      It was a bit breezy with a sturdy chop. Little whitecaps. It wasn’t anything to hide from but it did keep most less sturdy people off deck. But the sun was out. How can you resist basking in the sun after what seams like you haven’t seen it in years. (In actuality it may have been a week.) And I am not a sun person. You can usually find me under one of my many parasols hiding my ever pale complexion. But today, with the salty breeze in my face and the warm sun it was wonderful.
My appointment did not take long, P1000474but it was long enough to just miss the ferry back. This was fine. It was a lovely day and I can think of much worse places to waste  an hour. Woods Hole is a small tiny place. It is home mainly to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Their ships and submarines have helped locate famous sea wrecks such as the Titanic and the Air France plane that crashed way off the coast of Brazil. They study anything and everything that has to do with the oceans. You will here their name whenever people mentions statistics and such. There is also a branch of the Federal Marine Fisheries Department, The Marine Biological Laboritories, and there is an aquarium owned by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  P1000476 (2)
I have never been in, but I like to visit the outdoor seal exhibit. One of the seal caretakers was there. There were also several electricians it looked like installing some lighting. The caretakers are usually only in there at feeding times. But, I think that she needed to be around because of the other workers. It was fortunate for these two kids they got to hear all about harbor seals and see them up close. It was like a private class for them. One of the great things about shoulder season. They would never get this experience in July or August. It looked like there are two seals living in there right now. The second one was a bit shy it seamed. He hung out on the other side.
P1000487 (2)

From there I wandered onto the commercial  fishing pier. This is what all the ocean protectors in town work for, to protect our delicate oceanic resources.
Along the fishing pier there were traps for crabs or lobsters, fish nets, and I also saw oyster grow out cages. We are lucky that our local fisheries are still healthy enough to support these local fishermen and to reap the rewards of their labors.


   Upon wandering back through the back roads and alleys to the ferry, I saw the bike lot. Who wouldn’t want to park their bike here. It was like being in Europe. They have mass bike parking everywhere. It’s refreshing to see so many people who could just as well bring their car make the conscious choice to pedal it.

What a lovely afternoon in Woods Hole. The 3:45 ferry was ready to board and I worked on the latest UFO on the way home.
P1000492 (2)P1000496


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