Unrest in the coop

The factions:

P1000595 (2)Betty and the baby

 P1000618 (2) Doris

P1000621 (2) P1000596 (2) The Girls

  Since Doris’ eggs did not hatch she has given up the nest. But, it seems she is still a little hormonal. She’s been chasing everyone. I think she is trying to establish her spot in the new pecking order, but she is causing a great deal of unrest. She is also exhibiting odd bipolar type signs. One minute she will try and give the girls a treat like they are her children and the next she will be chasing and pecking. She saw a hawk the other day and herded the girls to safety, and then promptly chased and pecked after the danger had passes.

This is not the only issue. The baby, which is a blue splash Marans, will not stop peeping. She/he is at a lack for nothing. She has food, water, and protection from Betty. It’s not a little meek peep either, it’s a loud foghorn alarm type peep. Betty just ignores it, like that couple with the screaming child in a restaurant while everyone else is trying to enjoy their meal. But, the neighbors have heard it and it’s getting on all of our nerves.

To remedy these issues, I am trying to separate out Betty and the baby to a temporary pen and I am trying to find a new home for baby. Doris and the girls are in the coop and pen. I may have to separate further and put Doris in the coop for the daytime and let the girls have the pen if they all can’t learn to get along. We’ll see how it goes.


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