Knowing Your Dinner

Do you know where your dinner came from? Do you know how the meat was raised and who grew the vegetables? I do and it’s important to me.  Last night’s dinner is a good example. Like most meals here,  P1000564
 it was all grown here on the island.

I knew what farm the chicken was raised at and when it was processed, who processed it, and how it lived its days out.  I could also tell you where each veggies came from and who the farmer is. Like growing your own, you know where it's been and what went into it. It tastes better because it's just been picked instead of sitting on a shelf for weeks. It was delicious. Ok I am getting off my soapbox.

Simple One Pan Roast Chicken Dinner
This recipe is great for a big family dinner or a small one.

Set oven to 450. (yes I said 450)

One small roasting chicken 3-4 lbs.*
The amount of vegetables depends on how many people you are feeding:
A bunch of potatoes (small new potatoes are great but chunks of big potatoes are good too)
A bunch of carrots cut to 2" lengths or so. Thick carrots are better than thin delicate ones.
Some spring onions. I cut the bottoms off to eat with the roasted veggies and formed a bed with the tops for flavor.
Some garlic buds cut to 2" lengths or whole garlic cloves to your taste.
I little butter.
A little sea salt and seasoning of your choice. (Suggestions: Herb de Provence or Onion flakes are good)

In a small roasting pan (I use my crueset, a 9x13 would work too) place the onion tops in the middle to form a bed. Put the roasting chicken on the bed of onion tops. Tuck a pat of butter under the skin of each breast. Tie or tuck the legs and wings. Rub the chicken with butter, salt, and any other seasoning to taste. Add veggies around the chicken. Place in the oven. Start basting every 15 minutes after the first 20 minutes. After 1 hour reduce heat to 350. Should take 1.25 hours or so depending on the bird. The thigh juices should run clear when pierced.

* If you have a larger bird and crowd just cook longer and keep basting. Hold the veggies out until an hour before the bird is supposed to be done. A 5-6 lb. bird will take about 1.75 to 2 hrs.

This is my mom's recipe and I think most everyone's mom had a variation. You can substitute veggies. I always have an onion and garlic but the root vegetables change on what's available.


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