Some of the youngins have acquired names. I went with  a Greek goddess theme this time around.

P1000611 (2)Athena

P1000599 (2)  Aphrodite

P1000601 (2) Nike

Athena and Aphrodite are Easter Eggers and Nike is a Faverolle. Athena may be a Zeus. I am still unsure. Still without names are the Speckled Sussex and Betty’s baby.


In other news, I spent the weekend estate sale shopping and cleaning house. I will share all the fun purchases in the coming days. I did make it the the Farmer’s Market and got the first cucumbers of the year. Instead of pickling like I should have done, we were so excited we ate them with a little salt. While there, I found out that the strawberry season has come to an end. This is sad, but I’m happy I got two batches of jam in.  None to fair worthy, I’m afraid. Maybe the peach or blackberry jam will do better.


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